Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shirt Fold Instructions

I've had some requests on how to fold the shirt on the card I did. Well, I took some pictures and this is what I came up with. Besides, I don't think you would have understood "fold left thingie over to the other side to the other thingie..." Hope this helps! You can click on pictures to make them bigger.

1. Start with a 4x6 piece of paper. (you could go 5x7 or 3x5, but that ratio works best, I think.)
2. Lightly crease top in half, just to get a half way point for the next step - DO NOT fold all the way.
3. Fold both sides into middle (to that light fold mark at top)
4. Fold over top (towards unopened side) about 1/2 inch (this is your collar).
5. Turn over and fold top corners in, leaving a space at the top (collar) with points together.
6. Fold up bottom, tuck under the "collar" and make crease at bottom of shirt.
7. Unfold again
8. Fold out "sleeves" from crease to the bottom of paper, like shown.
9. Fold back up. Voila! You have a shirt. You can pierce holes and add brads as buttons if you wish!


lifesLITTLEthings said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I saw the shirt on the Martha Stewart site and had no idea how to incorporate it into a card, now I do! Thanks for the inspiration and the easier instructions on how to fold. Will be using the shirts in my kids' Father's Day cardmaking class on Saturday! Thank so much.

Renee said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to try it out!!!