Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st StAmP-a-PaLoOzA!!

Well, if you couldn't make it last Thursday night - be sure to come next month! We had a lot of fun. After I realized I forgot my ink pads, aghh, we got to work stamping, folding, cutting and creating. The ladies are all excited to come back again - and I'm thrilled that they learned some new techniques!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Join me for the first monthly...StAmP-a-PaLoOzA!!!
This months workshop will be a mix of getting ready for
those trick-o-treaters and creating 2 SUPER cute cards!

* When: September 24, 7pm
* Where: Watson Run Chuch (Brown Road/S. Watson Run Rd.(email/call for directions)
* What to bring: Adhesive, scissors and YOU! (if you have the items)
* How much: $5 ...or free with a $25 order! (Christmas is coming)

Email me with any questions...I know I missed something - I'm just soo excited to get started finally!!! If Halloween is not your thing...no worries, fall stamps will be available too!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dev with Salient

Ignite Festival

What a blast!! If you missed it, you missed it! The rain on Friday night did not stop any kids from having fun. They rocked out with the bands and danced on their feet all night long. God blessed us with perfect weather on Saturday! I finally got to see Stephanie Smith...
Isn't she adorable!! And mega talented! What a testimony to young girls (and old ones too!). I got my tshirt signed by most of the bands.
You can't imagine the amount of people there. What our church thought would be 1000 people, maybe, turned into an estimated 4,000!!!! How big is our God?!?!? Sunday morning was wonderful this morning. Bread of Stone led worship and boy can those boys worship! You can't help but feel touched by God. If you missed the fun - don't fret - we hope to come back next year and God willing - reach more youth than ever!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

1st week of school!

Well, we made it through the first week of school - Me, driving the bus and the kids, going to school. After we come back from break I will get my more permenant route. I'm both nervous and excited. I do dread learning another route though - I just learned the last one! lol. The kids are down in Pgh for the weekend, so Rich and I plan on going to the pulls in Canfield tomorrow after getting in a day of work for the Ignite Festival next weekend.
I got my card kit that you can earn free in the month of September and plan on working on it tonight. It is really, really cool!
Have a great weekend all!!