Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Todays News

Well, I successfully finished another day of school bus drivers training. I take my driving test on Friday morning and am a little anxious. I've surprised myself with how much I'm looking forward to starting next week.
Today's not over yet...I am off to the Crawford County Fair to work in the Marcie's Homemade Ice Cream stand. It should be fun! The weather doesn't look that good for the whole week, but today should be nice. I have to be there tomorrow and Friday night too, so we'll hope for good weather!
I'm totally psyched to do a CTMH Gathering for one of my best friends, Peggy, in Pittsburgh this Sunday. I hope all my Pgh buddies will come and have some fun with us. I like to visit the burgh every once in a while, but after driving down 279 & Rt. 51 once - I'm ready to come home to the country!!!
I'm off to the fair!!

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